Hello there. My name is Karina. I'm Hispanic. I live by the Gulf of Mexico, also known as the tip of Texas. I play xbox. My Gamertag is FlowerAngelX3. I love watching Doctor Who, Supernatural, Lost, and Sherlock. I listen to a lot of Post Hardcore. I love Adam Lambert, Marilyn Manson and my absolute favorite band in the whole world, Senses Fail. They have changed me into something better. Their music has made me love myself. Which I don't always do but im starting to and I will continue to try. All I want in life is to be pretty. That's all.


Day 7: saddest moment
“I’m burning up a sun just to say goodbye.”
If that didn’t strike you in the feels you might as well spend the rest of your life being an emotionless cyberman.
The Doctor never told Rose he loved her.
I just watched the clip on youtube and I am currently crying.